Feb 14: Teaching Roles for Online Instructors

Questions for Reflection: How am I realizing my role as an online instructor? How does this role fit within my comfort level/traditional view of my own teaching identity? Do I need to adjust – if so, how?


For our discussion on February 14…

What do students expect from online learning environments? http://ijklo.org/Volume4/IJELLOv4p205-223Craig510.pdf

Roles of the online teacher: v9n4_liu_1

Technical support and the online instructor: http://elearnmag.acm.org/featured.cfm?aid=2627756

Applicability of online learning to K-12 dropout recovery: http://www.mivu.org/Portals/0/RPT_RetentionFinal.pdf

Please find some of your own articles to share with us during our class concerning this topic.

Your blog posting should be made prior to our class on the 14th.

Thank you.